The first ray of light…


He- hello

She- where are you ?no text no calls. If u don’t want to talk to me u can just say it upfront.

He- …….

She- what the hell? Give me a damn reply

He- I fear you won’t believe what I’m about to say…..

She- what?

He- I was waiting for almost an eternity to hear your voice , to hear you say my name


He- listen, If I got busy or not able to text you for sometime just remember I can hate myself but I’ll never stop loving you………

The first words …..

It’s almost sunrise. I’m here,lying in my bed staring at the screen of my phone figuring out what to write for the first words. I can write a joke coz nothing is better than making people laugh or I can write about the incident how my friend hilariously failed at doing some silly bike stunt or say something deep or I can just copy something off the internet and post it. The thought train kept moving ahead and another human drown into the beautiful sleep to wakeup in the land of dreams………….